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Toyota Nigeria reiterates need for quality vehicle maintenance

…Offers 30 percent discount on labour, parts

Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL) has embarked on a year-end ‘Service & Parts’ promo under which the franchisee through its dealer outlets are carrying out a semi-light periodic maintenance designed to offer its customers quality service as the year gradually draws to an end. While the promo lasts, accredited Toyota dealerships across the country will be replacing the oil, oil filter, do the checking or inspection of other parts of the vehicle like the battery and air cleaner etc.

Declaring the event open, Bunmi Onafowokan; general manager, corporate services, Toyota Nigeria Limited reminded both the accredited Toyota dealers and corporate fleet and individual customers present at the webinar of the strong reputation and trust which the Japanese brand has earned for itself globally including Nigeria where it is one of the market leaders.

Onafowokan stated that being one of the oldest brand on the Nigerian roads lays credence to the long standing quality and durability and quality even the oldest on the road is Toyota. He reminded the audience that, the essence of putting the event together is to get a better understanding of how to access Toyota network wherever they are in Nigeria and be a partner.

Taking participants that were both physically present and others via the web, Sylvester Enwere, head of service disclosed that explaining the content of Toyota vehicle maintenance schedule is necessary in order to give the vehicle a prolong life span as well as guarantee owners a good returns on investment.

He outlined four periodic maintenance schedules; that includes the 5000 kilometers series service, which he referred to as light periodic maintenance service. The second is semi-light periodic maintenance at 10,000 kilometer, which beyond the 5,000 service also had to do with a check on the battery and the battery pole as well as to confirm the voltage of the battery. There is the maintenance schedules that takes place every 10,000 kilometers. In the same vein, the 20,000 kilometer service has a separate schedule.

There are also the 15,000, 25,000, and 35,000 up to 105,000 and 125,000 kilometers periodic maintenance plan as the case may be. He said that the initial 5,000-schedule maintenance entails the replacement of the engine oil filter and the oil filter. There is also the heavy periodic maintenance, which is the fourth one, called the comprehensive maintenance schedule of 40,000 maintenance intervals.

If in the course of the inspection, the service teams finds anything or vehicular parts that needs replacement that will be done at an extra cost that comes with a huge discount. Toyota Nigeria says its motive is to be customer-centric by offering maintenance service that are less burdensome by cutting customers maintenance cost with a 30 percent discount on spare parts and 30 percent discount on the labour during the promo period.            

According to Sylvester Enwere, ‘’We know that sometimes, we are adjudged to be expensive, that is also why we are coming down to the level where the customers will find the cost very affordable. We have compared our competitors’ prices and we are sure, we have hit that very value threshold that, the customer would like to have. I can assure you that, nobody can beat us this time around. We have the best hands in terms of technicians and spare parts’’.

During his presentation. Ravinder Sharma, head of parts at TNL dismissed the market assumptions    that Toyota spare parts are costly. He stated that, the parts are produced bade on the drawings and specifications that is approved and allowed for use by the manufacturers, and that is why the parts are the guaranteed ones and supplied by the authorized dealers. He noted that although the substandard parts may have the same parts like the genuine and approved parts, but that in the real sense of it, both are not the same.




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