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Road Safety tips for pedestrians

Just like there are road safety tips for motorists, there are road safety tips for pedestrians. These safety tips ensure that pedestrian are safe while playing the road. As a pedestrian it is very important you follow these rules so as to ensure that your behavior while on the road is not the reason for casualties. Be cautious of your surroundings and obey these road safety tips;

  1. Don’t jaywalk: Jaywalking involves walking recklessly with disregard of pedestrian traffic rules. For instance if there is pedestrian bridge for crossing the road utilize them.

  2. Use the pedestrian lane/ side walks as much as possible, if not walk facing the traffic signal to know your surroundings. Walk in opposite direction with incoming vehicle.

  3. Mind the signs and signals: Obey traffic rules. Cross the road when the traffic light indicates you can cross. In cases of places with no traffic light look both sides properly to ensure there are no incoming vehicles before you cross.

  4. Avoid distractions: It is necessary you avoid texting while on the road. Do not play or listen to music using earpiece or headphones.

  5. When you’re with children try to make sure they are not walking by the side of the road. Always maintain 3 feet distance from the road

  6. Wear light colored clothes at night or during harsh weather. This will ensure that you are visible to motorists.

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