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Mikano Motors ready to satisfy customers appetite across Changan models, says Haider

Mikano Motorr says it is determined to provid e Nigerians with high-quality, refined, and reliable vehicles as evidenced in its choice of product range including some of the most innovative, well-established and globally trusted brands, for a full range of products covering most automotive segments.

Managing director of Mikano Motors, Ralph Haidar, stated this even ss he announced the company’s plans to expand its operations beyond the borders of Nigeria to other West African countries.

Changan and Mikano Motors formed a strategic partnership in 2023, to bring Changan’s high-quality vehicles to the Nigerian market.

This partnership leverages Mikano Motors’ established presence and expertise in the Nigerian automotive industry and4 Changan’s cutting-edge technology and global reputation.

It also aims to provide customers with a wider range of affordable and reliable vehicles, backed by excellent service and support.

Some of the models under Mikano’s badge include Alsvin V3; Hunter pickup; CS15; CS35 Plus; CS55; PlusCS 95; UNI- T and Uni- K, its current flagship model.

In a brief remark he mase on Thursday? December 7 at a gala night held at the the Royal Box by Cube65, locatedt on Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos to commemorate the official partnership between Mikano Motors and Changan Autos., he said, “One of the most notable traits of Nigerians is their affinity for quality. We translate our understanding of the unique Nigerian tastes and preferences to providing quality products and services for you”

Earlier in his opening address, chairman of Mikano International, Mofid Karameh, expressed immense gratitude to attendees, reiterating the commitment of the company to providing valuable products to the Nigerian marketplace. He also disclosed the partnership with Rolls Royce to improve power generation in Nigeria.

“This partnership solidified Changan Autos as Mikano Motors’ latest exclusive brand partner, fostering a union built on innovation, excellence, and a shared vision for the future.”

Karameh also revealed that the factory of Afrimedical Manufacturing and Supplies Limited, a division of Mikano International Limited manufactures hypodermic syringes & other healthcare products is one of the biggest in West Africa with a manufacturing capacity of 1.5 billion hypodermic and auto disable immunization syringes a year using the latest E-beam sterilisation technology, 20-25 percent less plastics and medical-grade materials.

In her address, Tracy Huang, Changan’s director of African Region, said Changan will, in collaboration with Mikano Motors, “‘continue to innovate and provide the best services in the ecosystem’’.

Lucas Xiang, head of Middle East and Africa business, emphasized Changan’s dedication to innovation, adding that the auto brand invested 5% of its annual sales revenue in product research and development, driving trailblazing designs and performance.

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