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Lady Shares Ugly Experience with LASTMA, Driver in Lagos

A Nigerian lady identified as Esther Rejoice has narrated her ordeal in the hands of officers of Lagos State Traffic and Management Authorities (LASTMA).

According to her she almost went blind after a LASTMA official hit her side mirror of a bus she was in with a stick.

She wrote

“There was traffic,trust Lagos drivers to misbehave now,he overtake..angry lastman hit the driver’s side mirror with stick.

Before I know broken glasses everywhere in the bus,I became the unfortunate and this happened,blood and water flowing of from the cut on the sclera.

My sclera is injured, According to the doctor I escaped blindness.

My Cornell is not touched but if you check the picture closely,na small remain.

Tommorow,I’m going under machine for complete check up.

7days to my birthday and this is happening,I hate this omen?

I’m grateful it’s not more than this,cause how I for explain give my mama?God pls oo?

To say both the lastman and Driver were fighting for nonsense right.

The hospital I first went to before I got refered to LUTH,they screamed saying..I’m the second person today from same story.

That is the lastman are to be blamed right?

Hitting the driver’s mirror is that part of there training? I can’t explain my feelings right now”.

Esther Rejoice wrote

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