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Jetour SUV from Kojo Motors offers good fuel economy, low running cost

It is no longer news that China builds and export some of finest cars in the world and they does that vengeance. In Nigeria’s automotive market of today, hardly would one not see at least one or two vehicle brands manufactured in China out of 20 that drives past.

Unknown to many, Jetour is one of the uncelebrated, unofficially introduced auto brands into the Nigerian market that guarantees owners good returns on their investment.

Inside some dealerships including Kojo Motors showrooms located in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin and other parts of Nigeria, the Jetour model line up remains a sought-after SUV because of its over all design and interior finish.

With the volatility of the dollar exchange rate to the naira which affects the prices of almost everything, the Jetour still remains a worthy bargain for those enthusiasts searching for an SUV that can deliver well both on smooth and rough surfaces.

Jetour is a compact, mid-size SUV created for those who desire modern technology, comfort, adventure, and affordable luxury, and the automakers are committed to creating the best Chinese luxury cars .

Jetour cars have a higher fuel economy. They use less gasoline than their less efficient counterparts. Purchasing a vehicle with a low fuel consumption will often result in financial savings at the gas pump, a smaller carbon footprint, and a decreased reliance on oil, among other positive outcomes.

With a tagline of ‘Drive Your Future’ Jetour is an SUV brand launched in 2018 under Chery Commercial Vehicle. The Chinese name of the brand is pronounced “Jietu”, best translated as “Victory”.

Equipped with an engine size of 1500 CC and torque of 190 NM, automatic transmission, it comes with a fuel consumption of 14.5 kilometers/ liter and maximum speed of 185km/h.

It is no longer in contention to say that, vehicles coming out of China today are superior to vehicles of the past and are competitive in terms of build, fit and quality, with vehicles from other Asian manufacturers.

So, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, do your due diligence but don’t automatically rule out Chinese-made options and choosing the Jetour sold and services by Kojo Motors will be worth the trouble.

Jetour meaning: The two Chinese characters of Jetour were originated from classic Chinese literature, meaning “successful career”and “the world returns to the same place which different paths”. Jetour is taken from jet+tour which means convenience + journey.

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