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Interesting facts about Formula 1 race

Formula” name itself refers to the set of rules one should abide who are participating in the Grand Prix

Some of the interesting facts on various topics are :


Drivers usually drink a lot of water before every race to keep their fluid levels in check, as they lose about 3 kg of water during the race.

F1 cockpits have drinking bottle installed one can drink water (that contains mineral salts) via a pipe that goes through a hole in driver’s helmet

All drivers who wish to compete in F1 must have an FIA Super Licence.


Each tire loses about 0.5kg in weight due to wear after every race, on an average F1 tire rotate 50 times a second

Once a race has finished an F1 car’s tires will still be hot enough to cook an egg (around 120° centigrade)


F1 engine lasts only for 2 hours of racing, it revs up to 18000 rpm, normal engine revs up to 6000 rpm, they last up to 20 years on average

Small planes can take off at slower speeds than F1 cars, amazing downforce provided by their wings keep them on track, cars race at a 360kph speed at times.

F1 car can accelerate/decelerate from 0 to 100 mph in just four seconds


The Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore is raced at night and has nearly 1,500 lighting projectors to project the light from 2,000-watt white metal halide lamps

The Nurburgring track in Germany was built to help provide employment for workers in the area. It took 25,000 people from 1925 to 1927 to construct.

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