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How to clean car seats using steam

How to clean car seats using steam

Cleaning the car seats is a fundamental operation to have a sanitized and tidy interior

Keeping your car in perfect working order is one of the main rules that every self-respecting motorist should follow, but in addition to the functionality of the mechanical components, it is essential that the interior of the vehicle is also clean and sanitized to travel in complete safety. For this reason it is good to follow our advice to understand how to clean the car seats .

Clean the car seats with the steamer

To obtain maximum cleanliness when you are preparing to sanitize the passenger compartment of your car, it is always good to use steam. Thanks to the high temperatures released, in fact, the treated surfaces are thoroughly cleaned respecting the materials and eliminating the bacteria that lurk even in the most difficult points.

Therefore, when we ask ourselves how to clean car seats , our answer can only be to use a steamer to obtain a perfect result even with the simple do-it-yourself.

Before washing, it is always advisable to remove all unnecessary objects from the passenger compartment and also empty the ashtray and all drawers. Once this operation has been completed, a vacuum cleaner must then be used to remove all the dirt residues present on the surfaces and then washed with steam .

It will be essential to adjust the intensity of the steam jet and then proceed with cleaning using the brushes supplied so as not to risk damaging the fabrics and upholstery of the passenger compartment with a too aggressive procedure.

How to clean fabric seats in the car

One of the points of the car with which you are perpetually in contact, in addition to the steering wheel, are the seats and having them always clean and sanitized is a rule to be respected especially in a period of health emergency from Coronavirus like the current one.

Many wonder how to clean car seats if they are made of fabric because the fear of damaging them with incorrect washing is always high.

If you don’t want to use steam, or you don’t have a steamer available, you can proceed with this operation by creating a DIY compound with baking soda or dry cleaning . In the first case, it will be sufficient to mix bicarbonate with water to have a product able to remove stains and remove unpleasant odors from fabrics, while in the second case there are numerous products on the market capable of dry cleaning that do not wet the seats and they do not need to be rinsed.

These are dispensed in the form of foam, they must be left to act for a few minutes and then removed with a microfiber cloth. Although they do not need water, immediately after dry cleaning it will be necessary to keep the car doors open for an hour so as to dry any residual moisture from the fabric seats.

How to clean the leather seats of the car

Unlike fabric seats, understanding how to clean car seats with leather upholstery is particularly important because the procedure to follow is more complex in order to avoid damaging or irreparably staining the leather of the seat.

Also in this case it is always essential to first pass the vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dirt and then use a mild detergent to be passed on the leather seats with a soft bristle brush.

To rinse the product, use demineralized water and a microfibre cloth to avoid marking the seats.

Another trick to follow to figure out how to clean car seats leather is to do this in the shade to avoid the sun’s heat can stain finishes and you start cleaning with the heating on (if it is winter) as well to make the skin absorb the cleanser better.

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