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Creek Transitway Ltd partners Rivers State Government on CNG Infrastructure

In a significant move towards sustainable energy and reduced transportation costs, Creek Transitway Ltd has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Rivers State Government to establish Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) infrastructure within the state.

The signing ceremony took place at the office of the Attorney General/Commissioner of Justice, marking a pivotal step in the state’s transition from petrol (PMS) and diesel to CNG for public transport operators.

The signing of the MoA marks the beginning of a transformative journey for Rivers State, setting a precedent for other regions to follow in the pursuit

This strategic partnership aims to facilitate the setup of essential CNG infrastructure, significantly benefiting the state’s transportation market.

Present at the signing ceremony were the Attorney General/Commissioner of Justice, the Commissioner of Energy and Natural Resources, directors from both ministries, and the executive team from Creek Transitway Ltd, led by their CEO and Globus Bank representatives.

The Rivers state governor has shown keen interest in leveraging the state’s abundant natural gas resources. This collaboration aligns with the national energy transition goals, emphasizing the importance of natural gas as a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

“The establishment of CNG infrastructure in Rivers State is a landmark achievement,” said the Attorney General. “It reflects our commitment to sustainable energy solutions and supports the state’s economic development by reducing transportation costs and, consequently, inflation in goods and services.”

The Rivers state government is dedicated to the economic and social development of the state. By investing in sustainable energy projects, the government aims to enhance the quality of life for its residents and contribute to national energy transition efforts.

CNG is known for its cost efficiency, offering up to 60% savings over petrol. This initiative is expected to lower transportation fares, making it more affordable for the public and contributing to the overall reduction in the cost of living.

Creek Transitway Ltd’s CEO expressed optimism about the project, stating, “This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of a greener, more cost-effective transportation system. We are excited to work with the Rivers State Government in bringing this vision to life and make a positive impact in the state’s economy.”
of sustainable energy solutions.

About Creek Transitway Ltd:
Creek Transitway Ltd is a leading provider of CNG solutions, committed to promoting sustainable energy alternatives in the transportation sector. The company specializes in developing CNG infrastructure and conversion services, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and transportation costs.

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