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Citroen rebrands with new logo, corporate identity

Citroen is reinventing its corporate image, and along with this comes a new logo, which is the 10th evolution of the famed double chevron since the brand was founded in 1919.

The French carmaker is literally going back to its roots with the new double chevron, which will once again be housed within an oval frame, thereby forging a strong resemblance to the very first logo that Citroen used 103 years ago.

And for the first time, the global automotive industry witnessed it on a car for the first time in late September, where it adorned an as-yet-unnamed concept vehicle, and the world will start seeing it on production cars from mid-2023 onwards.

Citroen also plans to introduce a new but simplified colour palette for its cars, in which Monte Carlo Blue makes a comeback and Infra-Red replaces the current red hue, among other changes.

How the badge has evolved since 1919. The logo will also usher in a fresh design language, Citroen says, and also marks the beginning of a new era for the company, which aims to make electric mobility affordable in the coming years.

Sources within the automaker says, “Citroën is today revealing a fresh corporate brand identity and logo, signalling a bold, exciting and dynamic new era for the 103-year-old brand is underway as it accelerates its mission to make electric mobility accessible to all and extends its core DNA for affordability, audacity and customer wellbeing,” a spokesperson for the French brand said.

The rebadging will go hand-in-hand with a refreshed corporate identity programme for the brand.

“A key objective was to embody elements inspired by more intimate non-automotive brands, including cosmetics and apparel, to convey a warmer expression of the brand that is easy on the eyes when experienced in different settings,” Citroen said.

For example, the new identity has been thoughtfully crafted with a pure and simplified user interface, providing customers with an enhanced sense of serenity for their entire digital journey with Citroën, from living room to showroom.

Further to that, Citroen is also developing a new animatic language, which will integrate the new identity in all digital touch points, including the vehicle’s digital interfaces and the My Citroën App.

There’s also an ecological element to the rebranding, as the updated signage for dealers and corporate buildings will consume less energy, and do away with elements such as chrome to make it more recyclable.

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