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CIoTA commited to transport development says newly elected helmsman 

Prince Olusegun Obayendo, the newly elected President of the Chartered Institute of Transport Administration (CIoTA) has declared that, the time has come for the Institute to take the lead in transport development in Nigeria.

Obayendo, stated this in a statement simply titled I am Grateful, sighted by Business A.M and addressed to all members of CIoTA.

He said time has come for the Institute to take its rightful place in transport policy formulation and implementation in the country.

In line with his manifesto which he titled The Statement, Obayendo said his administration has three broad agenda, which would represent the compass through which he hopes to guide the Institute. These according to him include a 10 year strategic development plan, recognition and acceptance of CIoTA certification by industry operators and promotion of global best practices in the transportation sector.

Under him, CIoTA, Obayendo said, will continue to advocate for increased collaborations in order to make the institute a truly rated professional body in the country.

He stated: “We will continue in the drive to attract the best brains in the world. We will ontinue to source membership from both the public and private sector and especially multinationals and international bodies.

He assured that under him, CIoTA shall continue to advocate the full integration of all modes of transportation from air, to rail, maritime, road and pipeline in such a way that they would be beneficial to all.

He said the Institute is populated by professional across all the various cadres that would advance all the modes of transportation.

Obayendo, the Chairman/CEO of Temple Group and pioneer of Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service (CVIS) in Nigeria, with presence in almost all the states of Nigeria, said with the election over, “it is time to work together to build the CIoTA of our dream.”

He described his victory as that which belongs to all CIoTANs adding that: “We have been rewarded with this victory and in the history of this institution, we have been goven the highest votes ever to a presidential candidate. For me, this represents a great privilege to be trusted with the highest office of this Institute”.


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